This fall, IPS’s corporate staff and pharmacists gathered in Atlanta, GA for our Annual Business Meeting. As always, it was great to regroup and re-focus on our vision for the coming year.  more

Our celebration in San Antonio concluded with the 10 Year Anniversary Banquet. The evening was a lot of fun and a memorable conclusion to our celebration weekend. more

How do pharmacists celebrate an anniversary? By dressing up as cowboys and heading out to the ranch, of course! At our 10 Year Celebration in San Antonio, Texas we celebrated in true Texas fashion with a western-style shindig at Knibbe Ranch.  more

Every year the corporate staff and pharmacists of IPS gather for our Annual Business Meeting and this year we made time during our 10 Year Celebration weekend for this year’s meeting. It is so important to us to stay connected with our employees all around the country and to stay united in our vision for the future. It was great to have members of the IPS team from across the country in one room to collaborate, share ideas, and get reconnected. more

This October, IPS celebrated its 10 year anniversary. We marked this important milestone with a special three-day celebration in San Antonio, Texas. Since our employee base is so spread out, serving in different facilities across the country, we don’t often have so much of the team in one room together, so it was great to welcome everyone to San Antonio and get a chance to catch up a little bit at the Welcome Reception before the weekend of fun began. more

On October 10 we celebrated the grand opening of our new corporate headquarters with a special reception. The new building represents not only where we’re going but who we are and how far we’ve come. We were so excited to share it with some of our amazing employees, members of the community, and special guests from Montgomery and across the country. more

On October 10 we were very excited to celebrate the grand opening of the new corporate headquarters of IPS, MMG, and NEP in Montgomery, AL. We commemorated the day with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and reception. We were very happy to have many members of IPS, MMG, and NEP, along with guests from the community and across the country, here to celebrate this special occasion with us. more