The IPS Story

INSTITUTIONAL PHARMACY SOLUTIONS was founded in 2003 by Daniel Mims, in response to an unmet need for customized, quality, and effective on-site pharmacy services in the behavioral health industry. Established on a commitment to customization and superior customer service, IPS exists to craft individualized pharmacy solutions and to meet the unique needs of each facility we serve. In the past 10 years IPS has grown into a successful and rapidly expanding pharmacy network, now operating 40 pharmacies across the country. Each of our pharmacies is committed to collaborating with healthcare professionals, meeting the needs of patients, and providing the very best pharmacy services available.

IN ACCORDANCE WITH our commitment to customization, IPS operates a custom compounding pharmacy in Virginia, which is licensed to provide custom-prepared medications to patients in almost all 50 states.  Each of our compounding pharmacies exists to provide personalized, effective treatments with superior customer service to every patient we serve.

IN SERVING both healthcare facilities and individuals, IPS remains focused on caring for patients, developing effective services, and upholding the highest standard of quality.  We are REAL PEOPLE providing REAL SOLUTIONS with REAL VALUE.